Real World Memory Improvement

Experts say that better attention is half the battle in memory improvement. Flash-Card Mania's Flash-Card News helps you pay better attention by keeping you on top of the hundreds of names and facts you're bombarded with.

We'll also give you confidence in your memory. Much like athletes perform better with confidence, your memory works better too. It's all about attitude!

Finally, we'll help you build up knowledge needed to create memory connections. The more facts at your disposal, the more things click to help you remember!

Try Free!

You can use Flash-Card Mania for free for awhile to try us out. Then, pay a very small subscription or continue to use the site for free by referring others! We promise you that it's relaxing and fun - not stressful! Our algorithm ensures you'll normally get about 7/10 correct answers. If you get less or more, don't worry. The program adjusts quickly!